An Oscar shortlisted documentary short film

PROJECT: Camp Courage

an Oscar shortlisted documentary short film


Made refugees by the war in Ukraine, Olga and her granddaughter Milana travel to a summer camp in the Austrian Alps to test the limits of their own bravery, and to strengthen their growing bond.

In its 31-minute run time, Milana and Olga push themselves to meet the camp’s mountainous terrain with bravery and hope, and the film reaches an emotional peak when Milana is faced with the prospect of overcoming her fear and climbing the final summit. Though the conflict in Ukraine looms large over Milana and Olga’s experience, Camp Courage isn’t about the war itself — instead, it’s about the quiet resilience of the families who have to figure out how to rebuild in its midst and in its wake.

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Credits :

Directed by Max Lowe
Produced by Katy Chevigny and Marilyn Ness
Cinematography by Axel Stasny
Editing by Andrey Alistratov
Music by Nathan Helpern